Residential Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions


Residential Landscaping Frequently Asked QuestionsWhen you do your first professional landscaping, many people have the mistaken notion that it’s all about color and design. This is not true – residential landscape design is an essential part of your success, and you need to know how to answer the most frequently asked questions about residential landscaping.

The average homeowner does not think that much about what happens to their lawn. Most people don’t even realize that there are such things as watering schedules, or what the right kind of fertilizer is for their lawn.

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t have a daily schedule for watering your lawn, so you are in effect watering twice a day, four times a week. And if you do have a daily schedule, you will often forget to water your lawn when it’s a little drier.

So you end up with a flat lawn, with no “punch” in the middle, which makes it a very dull yard. And in any case, you aren’t going to spend all that time watering your lawn each week.

Your residential landscape design should include a little extra juice in your yard because otherwise, your neighbors will call your bluff. Not that they really want to talk about the fact that you have not watered your lawn in months, but what they may say just might set you off, and they certainly don’t want to take the same route you are taking.

One of the questions frequently asked by people who are considering a residential landscape is what kind of fertilizer to use. For me, it was a no-brainer.

You can’t get any fertilizer unless it has been certified organic. That means that it is free of chemicals, and you have to be really careful about using chemicals in your yard, as well. You also have to get to know the rules about the use of these products, so that you can use them safely.

So I was willing to spend the money on the fertilizers that were certified organic. If you’re not worried about chemicals, you will probably just choose a very large bag of fertilizer for a good price. But if you do want to be really safe, then you’ll want to make sure that the fertilizer you buy is certified organic, and you will be able to tell from the label.

In my experience, chemical fertilizers generally do a better job than organic ones. But remember that you can get organic fertilizers at garden centers, as well as natural gardening stores if you wish to purchase one. But you are on your own in terms of whether you can find a home for that fertilizer at a later date.

You will also have to learn what kinds of plants thrive in different environments, and what kinds you have to be careful about getting in your yard. So you will need a landscape design plan to help you with this.

These are the questions most people ask before starting a residential landscape. Hopefully, they will not have to ask it again when their yard is done.

Landscaping With Trees


Landscaping with TreesLandscaping with trees offers a number of advantages over a garden. Here are some examples of how landscape design can enhance your life and make your experience more enjoyable.

Trees bring beauty to your garden. A well-chosen tree can help to add variety to the design. In addition, plants can help to reduce the visual noise pollution by making the sound of flowing water and wind in the trees an enjoyable experience.

The special benefit of trees is that they can be positioned to create the effect of a garden as well as a deck. This is an interesting thought in itself and helps to re-conceptualize the garden itself as an extension of the home.

Although most homeowners enjoy a home filled with architectural elements such as an indoor swimming pool, stone fireplaces, and rock gardens, many others find themselves wishing they had a view to relax and entertain. Landscaping with trees can allow you to get close to nature and to feel that little bit closer to being in the wild. Some of the designs include a range of wildlife, waterfalls, a moat, and even a bird feeder.

A unique feature of landscaping with trees is that it can provide a valuable link between the garden and the property owner. A landscaped home may be enough for some, but a landscape that includes trees, water features, pathways, and the like provides a link between the home and the property. By sharing this link, you share an interest in the design of your garden, which brings a much more personal element to the experience.

If your home is large, a garden or patio can sometimes seem out of place. Tree and shrub placement can bring out the beauty of the property and can provide a break from the large outdoor area. For example, you might want to use an outdoor plant to shade an indoor area. You could also use a large tree or several small trees to provide visual interest or shade, with a view to the road in front of the house.

Many people who have a large home and do not like the weather often find the trees a nice feature. This allows you to keep the temperature low and you will be able to enjoy a summer sunset if you wish to. The sound of flowing water as it winds through the trees and pours into the deep pool can help to drown out the noise of the outside world.

Once you have selected the right look for your home, it is important to select a reliable designer to show you the various styles available. If you want to offer the appearance of an amazing landscape, but have not done any research, the best way to start is by comparing pictures of the styles you would like and matching them to the style of the home in which you want to have your tree.

Another great benefit of landscape design is that it creates a sense of space. Many homes are built at a distance from each other, creating a lack of space. By giving more space to the home, a beautiful landscape can help to add an important element of tranquility to the life of the homeowner.

It is not a good idea to select a very tall or high tree if you live in a very large home. A good idea is to choose a tree that is at least three feet in height and is at least five feet in diameter. The reason for this is that the taller the tree is, the more work it will be to keep it trimmed so that it does not look too much like a bush.

Landscaping with trees is an exciting idea and can add beauty to any home. By carefully planning the look of your home, you can create a landscape that will enhance the feel of your home and add a sense of privacy and tranquility.